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Prior to reading our league-specific rules, make sure you read and understand the iRacing Sporting Code.

Looking for the Season 5 Rulebook? If so, CLICK HERE!


  • Clinton Snead, Mitch Ellison, Gabe Ellison, and Michael Garrone make up the administration group, and they will be responsible for all administration duties before, during, and after each race.
  • Each event will have a dedicated Race Controller that will handle any penalties, requests, etc.


  • All racers must fill out a registration form with us before their first event.  Once this form has been filled out, you will receive an invitation to our league on iRacing.  This invitation must be accepted in order to join any of our races.
  • Registration Link:

Substitute Drivers

  • No driver substitutions will be allowed during the season.  If you are going to miss an event, you may take a provisional.

New Driver Probation

  • All new drivers will be placed on a 2-race probation.  During this time, a driver will be monitored for performance, car control, clean driving, and other factors.  After this time, the admin team will decide if that driver can continue to compete in the series.


  • Drivers will earn 1 point per position.
  • 1st Place = 40 points, 2nd Place = 39 points, 3rd Place = 38 points, etc.
  • Bonus points will be awarded as follows:
  • Pole Position: 1 point
  • Leading a Lap: 1 point
  • Leading the most laps: 1 point
  • Fastest Lap: 1 point
  • Finishing with 0 incidents: 1 point (must complete 90% of total laps)
  • Race winner: 3 points
  • Each driver will be allowed up to 4 provisionals (last place points).
  • Provisionals must be requested by the driver within 24 hours of the event.
  • There will be no drop races.
  • In the event of a tie in the standings, drivers will be ranked by:
    1. number of wins
    2. number of Top 5s
    3. number of Top 10s
    4. average finish
    5. average start

Strength of Field

  • The maximum iRating for an individual driver must be 6000 or less
  • Even if your iRating is lower than that limit currently, but you have been over the limit in the past, you will not be allowed to compete
  • You must have a minimum of a Class D Oval license; no pro licenses accepted

Race Times (listed in Eastern)

  • Practice – Race 1: 7:00 PM
  • Qualifying – Race 1: 7:50 PM (10 minutes, 2 laps)
  • Race – Race 1: 8:00 PM (approx. 150 miles; 1 hour)
  • Practice – Race 2: 8:30 PM
  • Qualifying – Race 2: 9:20 PM (10 minutes, 2 laps)
  • Race – Race 2: 9:30 PM (approx. 150 miles; 1 hour)

Car Setups

  • Car setups will be fixed iRacing setups for the track.  If no setup is available, we will choose an appropriate setup that works for that event. The setup for each race will be listed on the Discord server.

Fast Repairs

  •  No fast repairs will be allowed.

Race Start/Restarts

  • The initial race start will be on the green flag displayed by iRacing.
  • At tracks where the Start Zone is available, that option will be enabled.
  • Otherwise, restarts will be in the control of the leader once the pace car pulls off the track below the white/yellow line on the apron. This includes green, white, and checker restarts.
  • The leader has the option to pick the outside line if he chooses to do so for restarts.
  • All racers are required to stay in line until the Start/Finish line unless a car in front of them is unusually slow.
  • There will be two (2) available green, white, checker attempts.
  • All normal restarts will be double-file*.
  • *Repeat cautions will trigger a single-file restart on tracks less than 1.100 miles in length.
  • The Lucky Dog will be on.
    • If iRacing does not award the Lucky Dog, then it will NOT be given by race control.
  • NO laying back on restarts; you will be penalized if you abuse this.


  • When passing another car:
    • It is your responsibility to make a clean pass.  We know that sometimes there will be slight contact, but if a crash occurs from a ‘bump and run’, then that is on you and you will be penalized accordingly.
  • When getting passed:
    • It is your responsibility to hold your line.  If you change lanes and make contact with the passing driver, then you may be penalized.
  • Lap Cars:
    • Give extra room to the leaders.  If you are getting lapped, there is no reason to run right on the leader’s door through the corner.  Give a little extra space, run your race, and maybe you will get your lap back through the free pass, wave around, or pit strategy.


  • Full course cautions will be ON for every race and will be iRacing controlled.
  • An admin may also throw a caution at any time.
  • When the caution comes out, please do your best to (safely) get caught up to the pace car and field so everyone has a fair opportunity to go down pit road together and pick up spots.
  • If a driver does not yield for an accident (i.e. going full speed into the crash well after the caution has been displayed), he or she will face penalties after the race.

Pit Road

  • Stay towards the outer lane until you get close to your pit box.  
  • Drivers who cause a wreck by not staying on the outer lane will be penalized.
  • Drivers who try to gain an advantage on pit road by driving through boxes will be penalized.

Black Flags

  • We will follow iRacing Rules. Black flags for speeding, pit road entrance and exit violations, etc. will be enforced and will not be cleared.
  • Meatball black flags will not be cleared.  Hit pit road and repair your damage.
  • Black flags for passing under caution* or hitting the pit entrance/exit cone to avoid wrecks may be cleared by an admin
  • *This is for guys who are not able to continue and others are trying to catch the field for pit stops.
  • Any black flags cleared will be reviewed by the Admins, and those drivers found to be lying will be penalized.

End of Lines

  • No EOL’s will be given at the start of any race.  If you run a qualifying time, you will start in the position you qualify in.
  • You may request an EOL from Race Control later in the race if you are slow due to damage.

Minimum Speed

  • Your pace will be monitored throughout each event and throughout the season to ensure that the entire field of cars provides clean, competitive racing.
  • The Admins have the final say on a driver’s speed and competitiveness.  If they feel that you do not meet the series standard, you will be asked to retire from the event.


  • We will utilize a Penalty Points system throughout the season.  Penalty Points will be assigned for things such as causing cautions/wrecks, aggressive driving, and self-spins.  After a driver accumulates a certain amount of points, he/she will receive an automatic suspension.
  • Common Penalty Point Values (other options may be added at any time):
    • Unintentional wreck: 2 points
    • Blatant wreck: 6 points
    • Retaliation or wreck under caution: 8 points
    • Self-Spin (that causes a caution): 2 points
    • Laying back on restarts: 1 point
    • Lying to admin (Black Flags): 5 points
    • Voice/text chat misconduct: 3 points
    • Incident points: 1 point per 10x (example: 13x = 1 point; 29x = 2 points)
  • Multipliers:
    • 1.5x – If you cause a caution within 5 laps of a restart
    • 1.5x – If you cause a caution in the final 5 laps (scheduled distance)
    • 2x – If you cause a caution during a GWC
  • Once a driver reaches 10 Penalty Points, they will receive an automatic 1-race suspension.  Upon return, that racer’s Penalty Points will be reset to 5.  If he/she again reaches 10 Penalty Points, that driver will face further suspension/penalties.
  • Drivers also have a chance to reduce Penalty Points throughout the season.  The minimum amount of Penalty Points is 0.
    • Finishing a race with 0x (must complete 90% of the laps): -1 point
    • Receive 0 Penalty Points during a race: -1 point


  • If you feel that you have unjustly received Penalty Points, then you may appeal that penalty.  For an appeal to be considered, you must have video and/or photo proof defending your case.  If there are any signs of ‘doctored’ evidence (i.e. driver inputs such as throttle and brake do not match the original replay), you will be banned from the series.  Appeals must be submitted within 48 hours of the Penalty Points being announced.  


  • If you feel that a driver intentionally wrecked you and that driver was not penalized, you may protest that driver.  For a protest to be considered, you must have video or photo proof defending your case.  Protests must be submitted within 48 hours of the event.

Race Chat – Discord

  • Be respectful to other racers both inside and outside the “car.” We will not tolerate abusive language in the race chat or on Discord.  If you have an incident with someone during the race, please wait until after the race and talk about it amongst yourselves.  
  • Discord team chat channels are meant only for that team.  Do not enter a team chat other than your own unless you are specifically invited by that team.